Policies & Safety Tips

Pet Policy – download pdf

Common household pets are allowed, with written permission, in our Broadway Complex, Golden Arms Apartments and Park Ridge Estates. A deposit of $200 is required when registering a dog or cat, plus an additional pet fee of $15 a month will be added to your rent at our Broadway Complex and Park Ridge Estates. We do not charge an additional fee at Golden Arms Apartments. Please download our Pet Policy for additional information.

Domestic Violence Policy – download pdf

The Housing Authority offers residents who are victims of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking or sexual violence the right to end their lease early and request we change the locks to keep the abuser out of the home in an emergency. Please download our Domestic Violence Policy for more information.

Community Service/Self-Sufficiency Policy – download pdf

All adult residents must work at least 30 hours a week or participate in eight hours of community service or a self-sufficiency program each month. Self-sufficiency programs include job training, work placement, education, apprenticeships and any program that helps residents prepare to work. Please download our Community Service/Self-Sufficiency Policy for more information.

Flat Rent Policy – download pdf

While rent is typically based off 30% of a resident’s household income, there are times when a resident's income becomes high enough he or she reaches the maximum rent rate (or flat rent rate). This rate is based on area comps of similar units. Please download our Flat Rent Policy for our current max rates.

One Strike Policy – download pdf

The One Strike (or “Zero Tolerance”) Policy applies to both applicants and current residents. Adults age 17 and older will be subject to a criminal background check. Any applicant who has been involved in drug-related criminal activity or who has committed a violent crime may be found ineligible for admission to Public Housing. Current residents may also have their lease terminated for participating in drug-related activity. Please download our One Strike Policy for additional information.

No Trespassing Policy  – download pdf  

Any non-resident or resident who is found engaging in illegal activity, creating a disturbance or threatening the physical safety of those on our premises shall be issued a Notice of Ban Not to Trespass on Pekin Housing premises. An up-to-date Trespass List is kept by the Pekin Police as well as PHA Security. Anyone on the list found to be on Pekin Housing property is subject to arrest until their name is removed from the Trespass List.

Needle-Syringe Disposal Policy -download pdf